Bergen International

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196 Paterson Avenue, 2nd Floor
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
About Bergen International
  • Bergen International focuses exclusively on providing processors the best performing chemical foaming agents (CFAs) for low-density foaming processes.

    Foamazol™, XO, and XOPCFAs yield plastics processors many benefits such as: finer cells for better physical properties, smoother surfaces, increased strength, sink mark elimination, reduction of polymer usage, quicker cycle times, increased throughput speed, elimination of outgassing. Most Foamazol™ XO, and XOP chemical foaming agents are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and environmentally friendly. So handling and processing are safe and many grades are available for applications involving food contact.

    Foamazol™, XO, and XOP CFAs are available for many processes such as, injection molding, co-injection injection molding, gas counter-pressure molding, rotational molding, structural foam molding, co-extrusion, chemical foam extrusion, direct gas extrusion, wood-plastic composites extrusion, and wire & cable extrusion processes.
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Products by Bergen International
  • Endothermic Chemical Foaming Agents

    Foamazol™, XO, and XOP Endothermic chemical foaming agents are chemicals that take heat away from the chemical reaction. This produces foams with a much smaller cell structure, resulting in improved appearance and better physical properties. Bergen International manufactures a wide range of... Read more
  • Exothermic Chemical Foaming Agents

    Foamazol™, XO, and XOP Exothermic chemical foaming agents generate heat during the decomposition process. They liberate more gas per gram of foaming agent than endothermic agents and higher gas pressure. Bergen International manufactures a wide range of exothermic CFAs for molding and extrusion... Read more
  • Endo/Exo Chemical Foaming Agent Blends

    Foamazol™, XO, and XOP Endothermic and Exothermic chemical foaming agents blends can have a synergistic effect that offers benefits over the use of either an endo or exo by themselves. Bergen International manufactures a variety of endothermic exothermic (endo/exo) blend CFAs for molding and... Read more