Energy Strategy Associates Inc.

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159 Riders Mills Army Road
Old Chatham, NY 12136
About Energy Strategy Associates Inc.
  • Energy Strategy Associates, Inc. incorporated in 1998, exclusive worldwide distributor of NanOsil ASD - an ultra pure colloidal silica, lower cost nucleating agent/process aid to dramatically reduce cycle time in semi crystalline resins for injection, blow molding and extrusion.
    For example - PP unfilled - 22% reduction, Nylon 6 unfiled - 24% reduction, Nylon 6 (33% glass filled) - 32% reduction PBT unfilled - 26% reduction ABS unfilled 25% reduction. A bright white non agglomerated amorphous silicon dioxide powder with low coeffieient of thermal expansion. Recommended less than 1.0% wt. loading.
    ISO 9001-2014 certified, USA orgin.

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