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  • 3D Lenticular Cylinder Engraving for PP Resin

    New Product: JacoTech provides new optical lens designs and cylinder engraving techniques for lenticular extruders who would like to switch from PET, APET, PETG resins to lesser expensive PP resin. The cylindrical engraved extrusion moulds that produce 3D/Animated lenticular lens arrays are... Read More
  • Cylinder Engraving

    Cylinder Engraving: JacoTech can engrave standard to very unusual optical grade patterns into cylinders/rollers/drums/mandrels. Custom patterns are our specialty. Machining geometries include plano, spherical, parabolic, general aspheric, toroidal, Fresnel, axicon/waxicon, hyperbolic,... Read More
  • Cylinder Engraving Moulds For Printable 3D Lenticular Lens

    Lenticular Cylinder Engraving Moulds Used For 3D Print and 3D Display. JacoTech can engrave lenticular patterns into cylinders/drums/rolls/mandrels having from 1 line per inch (lpi) to over 1,000 lpi. Cylinder sizes to 42" diameter x 177" between centers weighing 2 tons is possible. Read More
  • Cylinder Engraving Moulds For Retroreflective Polymer Films For Road Signs

    3-Sided Cubic Corner Pyramid RetroReflective Cylinder Mold: Produces optical grade retroreflective extruded polymer/plastic films used to build reflective traffic and road signs. Read More
  • Diamond Turning / Milling & Flycutting Optical Patterns

    JacoTech Provides CNC Micro-Machining: Diamond Turning - Milling - Rotary Table Milling - Fly Cutting To Cylinders/Drums/Rollers/Mandrels Used to Extrude/Emboss/Cast Plastic/Polymer Optical Grade Sheet and Roll Materials Read More
  • Lens Arrays Moulds For Solar Concentrator Panels

    Lenticular and Fresnel Lens Array Engraved Cylinder Molds For Solar Panel Concentrators Read More
  • Lenticular Cylinder Engraving - Extrusion Processing Roll Mold

    Lenticular Lens Design and Lenticular Cylinder Engraving Experts The JacoTech Production Engraving Photo Shows A Partial 200 LPI Lenticular Lens Array Being Engraved On A Optical Mirror Finished Roll Surface. Other Custom Engraved Patterns Are Available, So Feel Free To Inquire About Your... Read More
  • Optical Plastic Processing Rotary Roller Molds

    Optical Plastic Processing Rotary Molds Read More

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