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  • Stopol Equipment Sales, LLC

    Stopol is the plastics industry leader in providing solutions for processors’ production needs through its three lines of business -- Equipment Sales, Auctions & Liquidations, and Business Services (merger and acquisition consulting, appraisals, equipment financing). With its finger on the pulse...
  • Ravago S.A.

  • Lectro Engineering

  • Rotomachinery Group

    Moulds: The possibility of immediately obtaining hollow bodied articles without the need for subsequent welding or assembly has guaranteed an ever-increasing success for rotational moulding. The traditional applications in classic form (square and cylindrical tanks, balls, dust bins and banks) have now...
  • ETS Inc

    For over 28 years, ETS Inc. has been the peerless industry standard for advanced plastics consulting in both design and assembly.
  • BASF Corporation

    BASF’s Performance Materials division encompasses the entire materials knowhow of BASF regarding innovative, customized plastics under one roof. Globally active in four major industry sectors - transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer goods – the division has a strong...
  • Advanced Bulk & Conveying

  • Chroma Corporation

    Glow Putty for Rotational Molders: Ad a permanent glow in the dark feature to a specific part of your rotational molded products
  • Plastics Consulting Inc

    Plastics Consultant and Expert Witness. Consulting in scrap reduction, production problem solving and launching new products. Train personnel in lab equipment use and QC procedures. Sell CNC machined Aluminum Test Molds for Rotational Molding, Mettler-Toledo Lab Scales, Falling Dart Impact...
  • Plasmec USA

    PLAS MEC is the world’s leading manufacturer of PVC mixing units. About 90% of our production is exported worldwide and our sales are supported by a strong sales/agency and service network. Today there are more than 4000 PLAS MEC PVC mixing plants in operation worldwide. We produce machinery...